Headache… :(

Terrible headache still, the same one that I had for most of the weekend, and the same one that kept me awake for hours last night while I waited for the meds to kick in. Can’t think, can’t concentrate.

It’s fairly quiet here today, luckily. Except for the cleaning ladies using some kind of power polisher on the floor this morning – I thought my skull was going to disintegrate!

Not much in the news, aside from Bush the Evil Megalomaniac saying that Syria was next. He swears they have “weapons of mass destruction.” Deja fucking vu, where have we heard THAT before? Sad, scary times, and evidently not going to get better.

If I had harboured any doubts about obtaining British citizenship, I would have lost them by now. Until America wakes up and boots Bush out, it is not the country of my birth. This isn’t who we were supposed to be…I remember when we used to think of ourselves as the Good Guys in the world. Not that we really were, of course…but the America of my childhood and the America of today are two completely different countries. We will have much to answer for.

Enough. I’m getting even more depressed. The little wanker at the mortgage company is jerking us around, not answering calls. (Warning: avoid Mortgage Point like the plague!!!) I worry that we’ll lose the house.

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