Well, the cheap Pakistani harp went for too much money (£77, too much for something that may or may not be tunable), so I didn’t get it. I’ve been thinking about getting another set of the Robinsons harp plans to make the wirestrung version of their “ancient Celtic harp”. I started another harp once, years ago, but never finished it. I bought the most gorgeous white maple for it, which was so dense that it burned up two saws. lol… It would have been very heavy, as well.

There’s something about a harp. It sounds wonderful, for one thing, which is a huge advantage over learning an instrument like a violin. If you knocked over a harp, it would make a beautiful noise, whereas the violin would sound as though you were murdering a cat for quite some time. ;) Hey, there’s nothing wrong with instant gratification – I’m all in favour of it.

Realistically? It might serve the same function as my old harp, which was to sit in a corner and look beautiful. (It could join my bodhran, pennywhistle and Phil’s clarinet.) Oh, I used to take lessons, and was quite serious about it – but it was hard to maintain that resolve and discipline long-term. I want to try, though.

Well, back to work. *sigh*

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