Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back in the States – I wish you all the best. Have lovely meals with the people that you love best.

It’s actually a happy Thanksgiving here, as well…Phil, who is home this week on extended sick leave, is making a turkey dinner. Thank you babe – I love you so much. :)

Phil is home because last week we had to rush him in an ambulance to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. Eventually they found out that he had a very infected gallbladder filled with stones, so it will need to come out. I say eventually because we spent two and a half hours in Emergency with him parked in a hallway with no examination. The second time that I went to the desk to ask if someone could see him I threw a massive fit including floods of tears (I had to push a blood-covered person with a head wound sitting in a wheelchair aside to do it; I figured at that point, well, fuck ’em, I’m not being polite) and he was finally seen by a doctor. Once he was actually admitted to the hospital, they were great…god forbid that I should ever complain about “free” medical care.

Prior to being taken in the ambulance, he was given some kind of anesthetic gas in the urgent care which he had a reaction to. He was actually laying on the floor at that point and the ambulance crew had just arrived, and he kind of fell back and went still. I touched his face and his head flopped bonelessly to one side, with his eyes open and empty. I thought that he had died. There was an impossibly long period of time where I was calling his name, then I looked up at the ambulance guys who were standing there frozen. “Well, YOU guys are the medical team!!! Is he breathing?” They kind of sprang into action and Phil came back a bit. Very, very scary to think even for a second that you have lost someone.

I treasure you. Thinking that I had lost you was the worst moment of my life.

6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. wandringsoul


    That’s very sweet – and thank you – I really think I would have expired on our bathroom floor had you not been there, but yes, the gas thing was very scary – it just knocked me out way more than I think they expected.

    I didn’t even know if you’d remember Thanksgiving, but wanted to do the turkey as a surprise.

    I love you!

  2. How scary with the gas thing….glad that ended up alright!

    My sympathies on the gall bladder. I had mine out when I was 15, and 27 years later I remember the pain of the attacks vividly. Hopefully they’ll do the keyhole surgery, and not the gut-bearing one I had.

  3. Goodness, what a scary experience. I’m glad he’s doing well enough to be up making dinner and I hope the surgery goes well!

  4. eep! Glad to hear you are / will be allright. I hadn’t heard that entonox could give a bad reaction like that. Hope the pair of you have a great evening ;-P

  5. wow… I think that’s the kindest, most unsarcastic post I’ve ever seen from you!!! :) it brings a tear to me eye, hehe. seriously, I’m very relieved things turned out well and I’m SOOO happy that you posted such a loving reply to mon’s post. makes me happy, hehe…


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