Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays to you all – may your season be filled with family and friends, music and good food.  :)

I called home the other night, and caught everyone in the midst of the manic holiday preparations. We have a large extended family, and everyone cooks. Not only for the meal, although preparations for that are massive – it’s all of the sweets and baked goods that keep everyone busy for weeks prior to the actual holiday. When I called, they were in the middle of making cinnamon-sugar pecans, Christmas cookies, bourbon balls, and when one of my neices arrived later on, they were starting on popcorn balls. We all have our favourites that we have to have for Christmas, and I admit the thought of those deep-chocolate bourbon balls rolled in powdered sugar practically makes my eyes tear up.

I haven’t logged into Wow at all, or checked the guild forums. I’ve no desire to. I probably will later on today, just to make a mercenary run on the pressies under the tree, but nothing else.

I took advantage of an offer for five free days on EVE Online and found that I was utterly, completely lost. It has been so long since I played. Here I was in 0.5 space, without a clue, and none of the agents that previously liked me were talking to me. I had several nastygrams in my mail, as well. (If you take missions and then don’t complete them, the agents get their panties in a bunch and refuse to talk to you until you can build rep up again.) *sigh*

I re-subbed for one month in Warhammer as well, to try that out again. I have a feeling that at this point there won’t be enough people at my level to do any of the PQs, but we will see. When my subscription ended, I was still having an enormous amount of fun…but I have have missed the window where you still have a lot of people your level to do things with.

Still not sure what to do with the guild. I know I don’t want to raid like that anymore, and I don’t want to spend so many evenings with a bunch of immature pricks. I just want to play with the people I like…and that is everything that is wrong with the internet. :D  We want to be in a space with people we like, who like us, and not be subject to the GIFT. Even when the theory applies to us.

Anyway, I’m off to finish housecleaning, and to take a sneaky peek at Warhammer, to see if my DoK is still talking to me. Best wishes to you all.

PS:  I had to add a link to The TRUE Meaning of Christmas, since it made me laugh so hard that vodka and pepsi came out of my nose. Read and enjoy some warped holiday cheer.

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  1. Merry Christmas Fox-girl! May this one be peaceful and warm, and full of hope. And who knows, perhaps You will spend next Holidays with your family, eating homemade sweets and thinking how lucky You are.

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