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GREAT night last night (first fencing class). Huge group, all ages, and the coach seemed to really know what he was talking about. Not enough equipment for all, since they didn’t expect such a huge turnout, but very good all the same. My knee behaved itself, with just a touch of that burning sensation under the kneecap, so we’ll see how it goes. Phil was very good, which didn’t surprise me; he looks very tall and gangly, but has these lightning-quick reflexes and is very athletic. He’ll be good, if he decides to stick with it. I was accused of being a ringer…no one knew that I had fenced before. lol… I am terribly, terribly unfit. I was so out of breath. Time for strength training. Had a wonderful time though.



  • uathsaille

    Uh…you know what I mean. You don’t look like a jock. Although you are. :) Will you interpret THAT as a compliment, or not? lol…

  • wandringsoul

    a Jock?


    Let’s see – the English impression given by the word ‘jock’ is of some over-stuffed muscle-bound meat head with the IQ of an unripe grapefruit, slavering through missing front teeth…

    So – that would be a no…

    : )

  • uathsaille

    Not necessarily. Picture Jason Scott Lee in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. Definitely a jock/athlete, but not musclebound, and very intelligent. The only slavering you hear is me! hahaha…

  • wandringsoul

    Why on earth it didn’t actually include my comments in this box above is a mystery…

    It was just a question of:

    ‘rolls eyes’ anyway!

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