Happy Easter

It’s been another gorgeous long weekend. Lots of long rides out, videoing a friend at a show this morning, and I finally have some computer time since we found an ad for a fairly hi-spec machine for Phil to use. A guy had built it for a games machine, and now is going to PS2. Great – I hate using the old computer, as it’s about six years old.

The show this morning had a “Have A Go” dressage class, which I think would be perfect for Kip. You do the normal test of your choice, but have the option to do trot for the canter parts, so it’s perfect for introducing tightly-wound babies to the noise and excitement of a show…not to mention the scary white boards and flowers! Now if I could only find someone with a warmblood-size trailer…

After my depression all week about not actually managing to quit, I feel a bit better now. I’ll keep looking online. (“Phil, look – it’s my job exactly, but pays £40k! It’s in London, though.” “We couldn’t afford to live in London on £40k.” “I don’t care – I’m applying….neener, neener…”)

I watched Girl With a Pearl Earring today while P. was upstairs gaming – what a gorgeous, gorgeous movie. Not a car chase in sight. ;)

Well, I’m off to drag Kip out of the field and scrape enough mud off him so that I can ride. He hasn’t worked in the arena in ages, as I’ve been just hacking him. Time to work, and get ready for his first day out in company in party-dress. :)

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