*happy dance*

Four days off. Four. Whole. Wonderful. Daays. *BIIIG smile*

To add to the general air of contentment, it was sunny today. To be honest, it was actually hot, and I just luxuriated in the warmth; I should move to Portugal or somewhere else warm, as this last English winter got me down. Too long, too cold, too wet.

I galloped Kip today. As I’ve said before, there aren’t many places where you can ride around here aside from the very busy streets. Lindy and I went out and she started off on Larkin, Kip followed, went into canter by himself, and kept galloping right past her after she stopped! I let him go on for a bit, but the little trail was getting to the part with the big rocks and I wanted to make sure that I could stop him, as he’s never cantered outside the arena. (Gallop for Kip, understand, is a relative term. Any fairly athletic cow could have outrun him – but he was galloping in his heart.) Anyway, he slowed to a trot when I asked, and seemed quite pleased about it. And no bucking. :)

Today was his appointment to have his back and teeth looked at, which is part of the reason Phil and I decided to take a four-day weekend. He said that Kip has one tooth that has grown in sideways, deforming the teeth around it, and that is why he fiddles so much when you try to take contact. His neck is very tight and sore, as he’s been bracing against the pain, and he’s pulled muscles over his back and hindquarter in a diagonal line from left shoulder to right hind. He showed me where Kip was overmuscled/hollowed; this would be at least part of the bucking at canter. He’s reshaped the teeth (I thought Kip’s eyes were going to literally pop out from his head), and within two months we should see a great deal of improvement.

Good day. :)

2 thoughts on “*happy dance*”

  1. happy ride! I get the feeling that when I start riding Draven, his attempts at ‘galloping’ will be a lot like Kip’s. Lots of action, not as much zoom. He tries, but with his high knee action, he just can’t keep up with his sisters.

    That tooth is rather worrisome, but good to hear that it might work out. AND would explain at least part of his tension and reluctance. It sounds like it is worth giving him time to heal up and straighten up and then see what sort of horse he ends up as :)


  2. Yes, I think the bad boy has a reprieve. ;) Draven sounds as though he will probably be similar, as he’s very big as well – they seem to take a lot longer to mature than you anticipate.

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