Happy Birfday

Happy birfday (private joke) to ! I love you, babe.

All is well, although the weather has turned gloomy again. After four days off, it’s difficult to get back into the traces again.

Had a rather uncomfortable time in WOW last night, in a mid-level instance with some of P’s guildmembers. I hate this dungeon – twice now, with a separate group of people, I’ve had the same thing happen: you reach the guy that you’re suppose to talk to, and everyone has to complete the quest at the same time. “Should I do it now?” “No, wait.” Then all of a sudden he takes off and we’re all supposed to escort him through the mobs…and I haven’t completed the damned quest. WTF? Wouldn’t an “Okay, now go!” have been helpful? They went back through it for me so I could complete, but I felt like a total tit, and felt a bit angry as well, since I looked an idiot and it wasn’t my fault. I know it’s only a game, but I still felt a bit upset this morning. :(

Just write a sign that says “Does not play well with others” and hang it around my neck, ok?


8 thoughts on “Happy Birfday”

  1. Yippee! Another addict, I mean convert. :P

    If you start playing on the European servers, let me know – I’m on Aggramar and Eonar. :)

  2. cadavre__exquis

    I’ll try and hold off playing for a while since, you know, I have a transatlantic relocation to think of! But in a few weeks, once I get settled into my own place I’ll start sneaking in a few hours of play here and there *feels dirty*

    Which race do you play btw?

  3. I’ve only done a few Horde characters, but those stayed fairly low-level. I have a level 44 human warlock, a level 25-ish night elf hunter (LOVE her), and a couple of assorted others. I found warriors and paladins to be very boring. I love pets because I solo a lot and it helps, so hunters and warlocks are great. Dwarves and gnomes are cute in game, but I couldn’t relate to one well enough to “live” as one. On the Horde side, tauren have this lovely native-american/pagan feel and the undead are fun.

  4. cadavre__exquis

    Goodie, I was gonna start with a female human warrior or warlock… something reasonably similar to my beloved amazons from Diablo 2. The Horde races don’t attract me much – same as you, I find it hard to play characters I can’t relate to.

  5. If you play alone a lot, I would go hunter or warlock. Both are fun, and you have the pets – demonic, for the warlock, and tamed for the hunter. It’s like having another player with you all the time, to take some of the damage. Night elf hunters are cliche, but they are pretty, and it’s fun to tame different animals – mine started with a tiger, then a bear, and now I have a lion. I’ll probably go for one of the white wolves next.

    Oh, BIG bonus for warlocks – you get your mount free at level 40, whereas otherwise it’s 90 gold.

  6. wandringsoul

    And you call ME a pusher??

    By the way – 90g may not sound a lot – compared to some games (3 hours in Guild Wars and I have 1,395 gold. 4 months in WoW and I had about 85 gold.)

    : D

  7. wandringsoul

    Warriors in Warcraft tend to be less about damage, and more about providing a focus for the rage of the creature your group is fighting. Though with recent changes more and more warriors are turning to ‘Arms’ – a heavier damage output, less of a ‘tanking’ role…

    Warlocks get a lot more ‘toys’ – imps, summoned demons, etc… and are lethal in pvp combat! : D

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