Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, . I love you, babe. With every year that goes by (years we thought we’d never see together – who’da thunk it?) I love you more and more. You’re my best friend, the person who I tell everything to, the person I cry in front of and show my mean and ugly side, the person who I still get flutters in my stomach when I think of. You’re beautiful and so damn sexy.

Thanks for sticking in there.

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary”

  1. congrats. I think P loves you very much, yet he is a Guy, so you have to put up with guyness-ess-ish, etc…, hehe. ie lacking emotions, or appearing too, apathy, etc, heh. No offence, W, I’m just extrapolating from my experiences with you in the states: publicly aware and appropriate yet privately gentle and shy. is that an accurate description? heh. I do think he should feel very lucky to be with you, and I wish the best for you two ;).

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