Happy 2008

Today I am back at work after over a week of hanging out at home with family, hanging out online with friends, eating too much good food and overindulging in the spirit of the season. It’s been a total shock…so hard to get up this morning.  :)

Best wishes to everyone for a very very good new year, and may all your drops be epic.

After leaving my wonderful but too hardcore (five night a week raid schedule) guild, I joined my old casual guild so that I could play with Miz. It’s been very good to see so many old friends again.  I made Kit my main, with hopes of gearing her up for 25 mans. It’s hard, though, when you have an extremely well-geared warlock…that’s the character that everyone wants you to play. It feels selfish to insist that I want to play my hunter, but really…this is MY free time.  Take me or not, but don’t ask that I take Ravven. I’m not playing her anymore.

One very good thing that happened, is that I finally convinced Blizzard to sort out my account. This took many posts on the tech support forums, emails back and forth with tech support, conversations with a GM who basically just brushed me off, and FINALLY, I found a GM who cared enough to take the time to manually delete Ravven and Kit, and then undelete them.  Problem solved.  Basically, Blizzard knows that this is the only way to fix this issue, but they don’t want to do it since it isn’t feasible for so many people. But if you persevere, they will do it. It was one of the best Christmas presents that I got, since I was ready to quit.

This year I resolve to play a bit less and devote more time to my artwork and my loved ones, to play the way I want to (i.e., learn to play Kit well), and explore some other virtual worlds…although I am still very much in love with Azeroth.

It’s going to be a good year.  :)

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