Halloween at Alton Towers.

Halloween, although not very spiritual, was still fun, as Phil had tickets for Alton Towers and the fireworks. The fireworks were great, although marred by a lame television accompanyment. The Towers themselves were beautiful, and it is a shame that they don’t try to restore them. We amused ourselves by making fun of all the chav families (quietly, as we’re both wimps). Since it’s such a cliche, such standard comedian fare, how can anyone seriously dress up in a shell suit and go anywhere in public? :(

They had one of those bungee-cord things where you wear the harness around your waist and jump up and down, somersaulting if possible; I was dying to try it, but that’s the type of thing I’d prefer to practice somewhere a bit more private – I just know I’d be swinging up and down with my ass stuck in the air. It looked a LOT of fun, though. I had a bag of hot, sugared donuts and roast pork and stuffing. Yum. :)

There was a wonderful little boy behind us that kept yelling “WOW!!!” with every firework. I was loving his enthusiasm until his mother’s male friend shouted “Shut up, Steven, you little shit!” *sigh* Poor little kid.

There’s a very odd noise outside. I think the fox may have followed me home.

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