Half-Blood Prince

I spent the weekend reading the new Harry Potter book. Amazon, bless its little corporate heart, delivered as promised on Saturday…saving me from having to buy a second copy in town. ;) It’s a much darker book that the others, and I think a less well-written book. It functions mainly to set the stage for the last book, or at least that’s the impression that I got. There is a lot of dialogue, which was very slow in places, and a lot of plot actiom, and less of the Hogwarts experience which is why (I think) most people love the books.

Of course, there is the much-talked about death, and a major character revelation; hopefully you missed spoilers posted by trolls in various communities. Idiots.

When I say darker, I mean the characters are darker, their actions more extreme. A good case in point was the scene on the train when Draco, having immobilised Harry, stamps on his face, breaking his nose, kicks him several times for good measure, and then leaves him under the invisibility cloak. Very nasty.

I was left with a feeling of sadness after finishing it. The next book will be the last. Say what you will about the whole phenomenon, I love the books for the fact that I want to be there. It’s the ultimate escapism, and if I could leave my life behind and step into the books, I would.

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