Japanese Pingpong

Hilarious wuxia-style pingpong action, presumably done for Japanese TV. Very funny – thanks to ShadowSpider for sending it to me (twice). That reminds me of a wuxia porn video that I saw once, which was very funny: all aerial Crouching Tiger type action, with the nude man and woman connecting midair. Classic. If you ever find it, send me a link. ;)

It’s a cold, grey morning. I’m on holiday from now until the beginning of January (woo hoo!). We’re hopefully going to go see ROTK today, as well as Christmas shopping in Macclesfield, going out to the barn to work Kipper, and then housework. Phil bought a load of old fencing equipment on Ebay, and is cleaning and repairing it all, so jackets and plastrons and masks are spread all over the house. I got my formal offer from the new company, and Phil got the beta SOCOM II disk from Sony. All in all, not a bad morning.

I had a dream last night that there had been a terrible windstorm, and we rushed home to check on the animals. We had a whole clan (bunch? herd? cuddle? tribe? whatever.) of ferrets in a large aviary-type cage, and the door had blown open. A large boxer dog had gotten into the cage, and hurt a lot of the ferrets. I was trying to save as many of them as I could. Outside were hedgehogs running free, dwarf hedgehogs like we had back in the States, and they’d mysteriously had tons of tiny babies, which were following me in little crowds, running on their little telescopic stilt legs, scoopy ears pointing upwards. Adorable. Strange dream.

4 thoughts on “Haiiii-ya!”

  1. must be something in the air, I have been having the strangest dreams just lately. Last nights was about truffle hunting with pigs on leashes in the woods near our house:)

  2. How odd. Interesting, but very odd. So where do dreams like this come from? Is it just the brain doing some housecleaning, or something else?

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