High comedy yesterday on Massively, with this announcement:

There’s a… er… Twilight MMO coming…

Now THAT is funny. Actually, it’s the comments that were priceless.

Most of them echoed my initial thoughts which were:

1. Dear god NO.

2. Why not Firefly? Harry Potter?  Stargate?  Why not one of the franchises that I would actually like to see?

3. World of Darkness is already in development (hopefully) and will be a much better game than this. It’s a gorgeous IP for a vampire/werewolf game.

And this may be a consequence of the early hour of the day, but I was amused by the “Twitlights” or “Twatlights” designation for Twilight fangirls.  :)  (Disclaimer: I did like the books very much, and the movie was ok.)

That leaves Teletubbies , Sesame Street and Barny mmo.

Shhhh, don’t give them ideas!

SILENCE! The walls have ears!

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