Gunn Hill

Remember the fat kid in your class, the one with glasses who vomited by the side of the track when the PE teacher made him run laps with everyone else? That’s Kip.

We went on a long ride today, out to a farm where we’re allowed to ride in the fields; it takes about three hours to get there and back. Gorgeous turf hills, miles of gallops, gorgeous footing. After we got through the second set of gates, the other horses knew that a gallop was coming, and were dancing and wheeling in place…then everyone took off. Kip cantered off with the rest of them, but was quickly left behind as they galloped up the hill. He slowed to a barely-there canter, and then just gave up. I tried to at least keep him in trot, but there was no gas in the tank at all, and we finally slowed to walk, to meet the others as they came back to us. *sigh* He’s such a big, soft baby. He’s sore from the ride yesterday, and I think we did too much trotting on the road, but still…he is so NOT a trier. :(

Other than that, it was a gorgeous ride, and Phil and I are very much enjoying our long weekend. No work tomorrow, woo hoo! Phil’s been playing Warcraft nonstop. I’ve been working my way through a stack of books. Very restorative. :)

2 thoughts on “Gunn Hill”

  1. I was the unhealthily skinny kid with glasses who could not catch a ball. I was always sat there with the fat kid as last to get picked for team sports.

    Sounds like you had a great day even if Kip was a reluctant participant.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. If so, then you grew up gorgeous. I don’t think Kip will have the same option, unfortunately! lol…

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