Guild Wars Noob

Ravven Ni AzsharaI took today and tomorrow off, as I was totally wiped out. I’ve been making a hash of DIY today, and also decided to try the old copy of Guild Wars that we had laying around. I think I quite like it, actually. It’s not as noob-friendly as Warcraft, in terms of leading you from quest to quest, but the classes are a lot of fun and the idea of combining them is interesting. I filled up my four character slots with a monk, a ranger (of course!), an elementalist and an assassin. The monk sounds the most interesting so far. At left is my elementalist.

The chat in general is as inane as in WoW, as you would expect. I haven’t tried any PvP yet. And (bonus for us unsociable types!) I think that you can have a party of NPC “henchmen” to help you. Perfect! Instant party, with no idiots or little kids that have to go because their mom just found out that they were on the computer again, or whatever. I think it might be my ideal game. *slight sarcasm*

Anyway, back to destroying our entrance hall. :)


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