Guild Wars 2 Pre-purchase

Woke up this morning and (with trembling fingers) finally got the Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase to work. TAKE MY MONIEZ NAO!!! I’ve never been so absurdly excited about purchasing something with actual real money that doesn’t yet have a release date. What can I say? There is no logic in being a fangirl.

I think my first post about this game was back in 2009. Ever since then I’ve been reading everything I could on it.

I even tried to play through the original Guild Wars in order to fill up my Hall of Monuments, but recently gave up. I’m too late for any of the miniatures for the Devotion monument, and the game itself can be punishing. It was the harshness, or rather unfairness, that finally got me – doing quests with my carefully-picked group of heroes and henchmen, being smart and careful, when WHAM…a swarm of bugs erupts from the ground under my feet and wipes us out. It’s the same size group as the ones that we’ve been killing all along, so these must be elite bugs, as everyone is insta-dead. Another time, I was going through an area that I’d been through multiple times, and all of a sudden it was filled with what must be the entire Charr army. My screen was filled with pissed-off cats all excited about finding this little party of unprepared noobs, these tasty morsels of heroflesh and tears.

Sod it. Here’s hoping that GW2 is a much better game. Help me, ArenaNet. You’re my only hope.

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