Guild Wars 2: Madness

I’ve been trying to smell the roses, I really have. Not having to rush to endgame to keep up with friends or the guild is wonderful, and I’ve been indulging myself in everything: exploring, completion achievements, gathering, playing alts. And yet, still I level without feeling as though I am grinding or even realising that I am doing so.

We have a couple of level 80s in the guild, one who has been there for several days. On the other hand, my necromancer Ravven is just shy of 40, I have a level 20 ranger, and several alts. Many evenings are similar to my experience of last night, which is doing chained quests in a mad tumble with a ton of other players. I think I did three levels just doing those and exploring Harathi Hinterlands. My bags became full several times over, and I sold everything that I couldn’t use – I was having too much fun going with the flow to leave.

At the moment, the plan is to level Ravven the necromancer and Dravven the ranger, and then afterwards turn to the terrible twins, Kenzi and Kaylee Nyx (elementalist and engineer, respectively). They are going to be a lot of fun.


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