Guild Wars 2: First Beta Weekend

Well, there were problems, as you would expect from one of the most hotly-anticipated betas that I can remember. I think I spent 4 1/2 hours trying to log in on Friday night, and finally got in. Much better today, a few crashes, but not as bad. Some people were saying that the server overflow system wasn’t working, and since they had no queue system in place, you just got errors if your server was full. I haven’t seen any explanations yet for the initial problems.

I haven’t been able to get into WvW yet – I don’t know if there are problems, or if it’s just really popular. I did do some instance pvp which wasn’t bad while I was trying to figure out how the hell one actually got into a WvW map. Won one and lost one. Killed some people, died a bunch, but so far no obnoxious stunlock abilities, which is the main thing that I hate about pvp.

I’ve been trying various professions. Necromancer had been my choice for main prior to the beta starting, and I do still enjoy it. Ranger is great as well, much better than in the original game. I’ve dipped my toes into Elementalist, Mesmer, etc., and will take those a bit further.

Norn have better hair choices than humans do, damn it. And all female characters look like underage girls. I’d like to see some badass armour, rather than the frilly maids-0utfit stuff that looks very Asian. Sexy, long, black robes, that’s what I want!

Divinity’s Reach and Lion’s Gate are stunning, so gorgeously designed! It’s difficult to take screenshots, though, because you are limited in your camera view (you can’t swing it into a first person view so your character’s ass isn’t in centre stage, which is a shame).

All in all, I’m having a lot of fun this weekend. In fact, I’m jumping right back in now (if I can get back on after a crash which seems to have kicked a lot of people out of game). Having fun – wish you were here? :)

2 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: First Beta Weekend”

  1. I haven’t been able to try WvW myself so far… :(
    As for the female character customization, Norn are a ton nicer than humans imo, for one thing because of the longer hairstyles (which I love), but also body proportions. I liked my Norn, although I must say the CC seems highly ineffective – you can use the sliders yeah, but it doesn’t make much difference (?)
    did you spot the ‘old face’ for the human females? I was surprised to see it (well it ain’t super old but they obviously intended for it to look more mature).

  2. I did see the old face, but I just didn’t like her. I wanted to do a sexy woman who was a proper woman – I don’t need wrinkles or thin lips, I just didn’t want to look like a teen. :(

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