Guild Wars 2: EU vs. US

We’ve all seen the announcement about the Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase options. Like everyone else, I squeed when I saw it, but something about the pricing was off: players in the EU will be charged approximately $50 more for the CE than players in the US. The EU CE is $129.99, which at today’s exchange rate means that we would be paying approximately $204.27 rather than the $149.99 that US players will be playing. Offensive, yes. Am I going to take a stand and NOT buy this game? Absofrickinlutely not. I’m not buying the CE edition, of course, but I am going to be all over that standard edition and headstart. :)

It feels as though we’ve all been waiting for this for years. Hell, we have been waiting for this for years.


1 thought on “Guild Wars 2: EU vs. US”

  1. The sad economics of strength of the pound versus the strength of the dollar and cost of…zzzzz…omg I made myself fall asleep.

    I can understand the offense but it is just a sad truth that the pound is worth x against the dollar and somewhere it all evens itself out, boring, not fair but true.

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