Guild Drama, Guild Ennui

After last night I feel like not raiding anymore. It’s become less and less fun over the past weeks, when not doing my job I find myself reading a book rather than participating in guild chitchat, and I can’t wait for the instance to be finished so that I can go and do something fun.

Did you catch that? In a game…waiting so that you can do and do something fun. There’s something wrong there.

Rather than make an announcement, I’m going to just quietly be unavailable for a week or so, and see if it’s really raiding and the guild that I’m so disenchanted with, or if it’s something related to my enormous stress and unhappiness with work. That’s possible, I feel like shit most of the time, and WoW is my only release right now, my only escape.

There’s been the normal amount of guild drama over loot and such, there’s a lot of boring bragging about how much damage people do, even more boring stats discussions, and the people who are dicks are still dicks. Normal stuff, but it’s getting to me.

On the other hand, I may do something entirely different, and just go play alts for a while. I may decide to go Horde, and start levelling a horde main. To that end, I started an undead rogue who may become my PvP twink, so I can keep levelling Shadowfyre. I hate not being able to play her (she’s on the verge of levelling out of 19). I took her fishing in Ratchet last night before the raid, and someone whispered me and said:

THEM: Twink?
ME: No – why? (offended in some obscure way, even though she is undeniably a twink)
ME: I don’t have any enchants
THEM: I was just wondering if you’d like to join a twink guild
ME: (hmmmnnnn…possibly) What’s your guild called?
THEM: Gief Healz Plx
ME: lol…I’ll think about it, but thanks for asking me

Would I have said yes had they had a different name? Possibly. I’m shallow like that. :D

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