Guess I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue…

This whole week (and last week too, to be honest) has been making me think about that line from Airplane. Did you ever have a day when everything you touched broke and turned black and fell apart? Kind of like the reverse of a Midas touch? I’ve had a lot of those days.

Allods Online, as I’m sure you have all read, has fixed their cash shop prices and I think shocked everyone by their fairness – they really did make some reasonably substantial cuts in the laughable original prices. They’re still more expensive than the Russian shop, of course, but they’re better. Fear of Death will evidently still roll out in a future patch, which still gets my panties in a bunch. It’s a nasty mechanic and I hate being held hostage by a game mechanic like that – even if the price is more palatable now.

Like many other people, I’ll support a game that I like. I’ll buy things. I don’t like the venality, or the mistrust of the customer base, or whatever you would call it – the logic that says that we’re all a bunch of cheap bastards so they need to force us to pay. If that is your opinion, just make it a subscription game. But let me feel good about buying fripperies and mounts and xp potions.

Well, it’s now 5:00, and it’s time to go home. To play, most probably. :) Thank goodness for escapism.

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