Crap day, which I DON’T want to talk about. Instead, I’ll just say that there is something that I’m looking forward to very much – we’re going to go see Prisoner of Azkaban tonight. I can’t wait!

Last night we had fun with the new Eye Toy. We were just playing the disc of kid-type games that came with it, but it was a lot of fun. It would be great at a party. There are quite a few cool visual effects, as well as some games that, if they lacked difficulty, at least made it up with amusing rude noises. You just can’t beat rude noises in a kids’ game. ;)

And, last but not least, there is a possibility that we may pick up a long-term freelance web development contract. One that would add another decent salary to the bank account. We would be doing very well, and if I decided one day to quit my job in anger, it wouldn’t be the financial disaster that it would otherwise.

So things aren’t too bad, overall.

2 thoughts on “Grrrr….”

  1. *big hug* My day was poo too, but only because I DID finish those three leaflets even if I did work through my lunch and over an hour late.

    Yay for your freelance work! :) And yay for Prisoner of Azkaban – sounds like a damn fine idea, I might try to persuade the boy to take me too! :)

    I hope tomorrow treats you better, it HAS to! (or I’ll kick it.) *heehee*

  2. We didn’t get in. :( We got there in plenty of time for the 8:00 show, but both that and the 9:00 one had just sold out, and 10:00 was the only option. Maybe next week. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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