Gotta love playing online.

There’s nothing like getting on the computer to relax after a very hard day, and having some fifteen-year-old party leader scream at you for being a “stupid fucker”.

Stupid fucker? I know which side of the McDonald’s window I’m standing on, thank you very much.

*sigh* So tired and in such a bad mood today. Going to a meeting at a university this morning, then meetings and salvage work all day.

6 thoughts on “grrrr….”

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it, and the party leader didn’t call you a stupid fucker – it was more along the lines of ‘what the fuck, how the fuck, oh fuck we’re dead’ etc. But then he is reknown for his colourful outbursts… sorry.

    It’s not about fault, or blame, and it wasn’t a big deal really whatever happened – and I still have no idea; plus everyone makes mistakes – (he had quite a few himself) heck I’m very well known for one in particular, when you kill 40 people you tend to get the mickey taken for a while…

    Anyway – sorry, but don’t take it to heart… things like that are over with instantly…

    : )

  2. The ones who keep using ‘noob’ every 2 seconds also get my goat.. as do the ones who feel some great need to make sexist comments the moment they find out I’m a female (as if I didn’t make it obvious when I play.. with such names as LADY Starlight, MRS. J, etc.)

  3. I find the most offensive players are the ones who pop up with such gems as:

    Heal me!!

    or after one of their usual stupendously funny exercises in tanking ‘res me pls’

    .. as if no – the healer isn’t really bothered about healing, or hey-ho, why not chill and wait til the priest stops getting beaten on and wait for the res that WILL come.

    I encountered a great mage a while back – level 60 who decided to take on the role of main puller. So – pull with frostbolt, iceblock, then wait for the other 9 people to peel the crowd of mobs off him. Nice. Usually the person screaming ‘N0000B’ is the one deserving the title.

  4. Yes, I agree. I’ve never had anyone make sexist comments, though. It’s funny, I know that girls (or guys playing female characters) tend to get extra help or even gifts of silver or gold, but I never have. I asked someone “what, does my toon have a big butt or something? Is my character less attractive than the others?” lol…

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