This hasn’t been a very productive week, too much/not enough going on. Phil and I went shopping for a new suit, so that he can interview for his(!) job in hopes of not being made redundant. I’ve been looking online prior to the anticipated takeover, but I think I’ve maxed out the salary range locally for designer/developers, and short of acquiring something like J2EE development skills (not a hope), I think I’ll have to think about looking at project management positions. Erk…not something I think would make me “happy in pants,” to echo a line from a favourite movie.

Then I get an email today from my boss: Monica, the [newspaper] is running a feature on on-line business and are keen to get a photo of our web designer busy at work… although I can fudge this with W**** or C****… am hoping that you may be able to get in here tomorrow for 11am. Excuse me? Miss EmptyHead Giggles (in the discount Chanel-copy suit) pretending to be me? How insulting is that?

Phil and I are not talking, most of the time, and are very distant from each other. Not sure how to fix this…not entirely sure that I want to. Kip is still very lame, and the holidays are coming. Woopee.

We lost Aja last night. How, in two rat-proofed rooms, do you lose a two-foot frigging rat with the waistline of Johnny Vegas? It was like a Sherlock Holmes story. Impossible, but she wasn’t there. Finally found her under the entertainment centre, which looks to be flat against the ground, but if you run a hand between it and the wall, you’ll find a two-inch gap. Tried to entice her out with monkey nuts, to no avail. Phil finally had the brilliant idea of misting water from a spray bottle underneath, and soon a very cranky rat appeared. We’re not her favourite people now.

Sometimes everything just seems to be too much effort.

2 thoughts on “Grouchy”

  1. {{hugs}}

    re the paper, if it is a ‘reasonable’ one then getting your photo in it could be an asset, either in the job-hunting stakes (“you may have seen me pictured in the item on on-line business in the XXX last week”) or after the take-over (wouldn’t look good to dump the person they just pictured as the face of their company).

    2p’th anyway …

  2. I find these things to be really awkward. They wanted just me, and my boss separately, but I convinced them to do all the team who were there, and we all felt like idiots. “Ok, can you put the site onscreen? Now Monica sit at the desk, and everyone else gather around and look at the screen, just act natural.” So we all sit uncomfortably around a single machine, grinning like apes and feeling really stupid. lol…oh, well, it’s another for the scrapbook. It should be better than the last one, where I expected to be interviewed about getting women and girls into IT careers, and all they wanted to talk about was how unusual it was for a woman who was older than god to be a web developer. Like, whatever…

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