It’s dusk, but the end of the day doesn’t have that gorgeous blue twilight colour; it’s too cold for that. All day long the day has been desaturated, grey and cold.

I finally talked to the vet about Lizzie, and he’s going to look at her blood work and try to give me his best advice regarding doing any further tests or veterinary work. He says that it is unlikely that the intolerance to any sort of exercise (panting even at a walk) is a long-term result of the azutoria. Any muscle damage remaining after the tying up episode would manifest itself as muscle soreness, stiffness, and a possibility of tying up again, not panting without actually being lame or stiff. She’s always a mystery…unfortunately a very expensive one.

I didn’t get the job that I’d interviewed for. There were a lot of candidates, and one of them went all out in doing site redesign and email campaign mockups, which I had not put as much work into because I was too stressed from work to have the energy, and also was unhappy about basically redesigning the look and feel of their site for free as part of an interview exercise. I did one mockup and explained what they needed to do in general to update the look and feel, as well as some basic concepts of SEO and best practice – but that was it. Fair enough, they made a good decision – especially as I was increasingly worried about the commute.

Back to the drawing board. It will be extremely difficult to get away for interviews, though, which is why I was willing to take this job. So worried about everything. My stomach is swallowing itself.

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