Grey Weather

The cold grey weather is starting to get me down…I feel very blue today. I know that we’re only in fall and are nowhere near the long, dark winter…but it feels like it. I lie in bed longer after the alarm goes off, dreading slipping out from under the duvet and facing the cold. I can see my breath in the mornings, and the horses have already started growing their winter coats. Lizzie, who has the thin, silky skin and coat of a mouse, looks fluffed-up against the cold air.

The leaves haven’t started turning yet, we haven’t had those first autumnal cold snaps yet, but I’m definitely in a wintry frame of mind. It’s going to be a long, hard, cold season.

Wired had a great article on Mirrormask, with some really nice images. *drool*

Very paranoid, uncomfortable atmosphere here at work. I can’t write about most of the goings-on, but it is damned uncomfortable being here.

Deja vu: I walked into the restroom yesterday, and caught a very thin, blonde, sunbedded woman cupping water to sniff up her nose. Hahahahaha…boy, does that bring back memories. I just wanted to say “why, how Eighties of you, my dear”. :)

I wish that people in the States would QUIT posting spoilers on Lost. We’re only on the first season here – stop dropping hints!

Enough random meanderings.

5 thoughts on “Grey Weather”

  1. cadavre__exquis

    You know, in anticipation of my move to the UK one of the things I worry about is the effect the sunless weather and long dark winters will have on my already depression-prone psyche. How do you usually manage to deal with it?

    And… strange as it sounds, it never occurred to me that horses grew winter coats!

  2. *tight hug* I don’t know when I’m next free to do the ‘welcome to winter’ party. Although, maybe we could do it when my sister is here? We’ll be driving round all over. Might be an idea. :) Depends if you’d want two looneys rather than just one. :P

  3. When I was a kid in Northern California, our horses looked like polar bears, all thick, long coat. We’d have to chip ice out of their hooves. :)

    The winters do bother me. I’ve grown used to the rain, and hardly notice it as long as it’s not a heavy rain – you just have to deal with it. The greyness does bother me, but then I felt the same way when I lived in San Fran, and the mist from the bay wouldn’t clear until noon.

    I suppose one thing that you can do is travel when the winter is really getting you down. A lot of people here spend as much holiday time as they can in Spain, or Portugal, or any other hot/sunny country. It’s so cheap to fly to the rest of Europe.

    So, even a Los Angeles gal like me can get used to it. You’ll be fine. :)

  4. Definitely! Sounds great – that would be fun. :) We’ve got a guestroom, and you are MORE than welcome.

  5. cadavre__exquis

    LOL, glad to hear that a California girl can cope! I have the advantage of having grown up with long, dark Polish winters and now have grim, rainy Texas winters to contend with – so I suppose it won’t be so bad.

    I hope you guys get to make a nice getaway this winter as well. We’re off to Spain in a couple of weeks – you can get an easyJet flight out of Gatwick for 20 quid! 20. freakin. quid!

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