Grey Tuesday Morning

Another early morning, very grey and cold. We have an appointment this afternoon with a business interested in having a site done for them, so I am trying to get some work done this morning. Still sending out resumes, checking the papers and job sites every morning.

Last weekend we went to a Traction Engine Rally, as our neighbor had given us tickets to it. (No, I hadn’t the slightest idea what a traction engine is, but hey…they were free.) It wasn’t bad, actually. I wandered around, completely stuffed with these gorgeous hot, sugared doughnuts, looking at the crowds and the machines.

I really like how people go everywhere with dogs here. They take them shopping with them, to the park, and to events like this; so many people had dogs. I would love to get another dog, once we’re finally settled and we’re working. Phil’s allergies would probably go nuts, though.

*sigh* Back to work…

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