Grey AGAIN!!!

The weather is getting me down. :(

Yesterday, just out of curiosity, I asked someone at the stable who is selling a very nice IDxTB mare that I’d done a video for how much she’s selling her for. (I know, that was a very awkwardly-constructed sentence.) ¬£4000. Yikes! Hmmmn…next plan.

Work problems continue. I don’t know if I already put this in a blog entry, but a friend at work had the perfect analogy: she said she felt like a rat in an experiment who gets electric shocks no matter what it does. Eventually it just ends up hiding in a corner of its cage, shaking. That was the perfect illustration of what we’re dealing with. This was the biggest piece of crap software that anyone ever paid half a million for, I tell you.

Portugal is calling. Yes, calling me personally…I can hear it. :) One night I’ll just pack my bags and go, sneaking off into the dark and this everpresent thin rain. Sunshine here I come.

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  1. Yes. It’s an ecommerce suite: data mining, relationship management, contact centre, etc., as well as the shopping cart and CMS stuff…but still. :(

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