Granddad guns down terror squirrel

Granddad guns down terror squirrel

When squirrels attack: Knutsford has been living in fear.
A vicious squirrel which terrorised a Cheshire town has been shot dead by a grandfather seeking vengeance. The animal had already attacked a man mowing his lawn and woman walking down the street, in Knutsford. But when it sank its teeth into Kelsi Morley’s face, her grandfather Geoff Horth decided to act. He went out and killed it.
~BBC News, 07-11-02

Well, that was the only note of levity yesterday, which turned out to be a fairly grim day. Went home with a migraine (barely making the drive home), and spent the evening very sick with it. Then we found out that the youngest ferret was missing; she must have climbed up the wall and out of one of the small vent openings. There is still no sign of her.

Then (while I was lying sick in bed) Phil hems and haws and brings up the subject of his work Christmas party: a trip to London, spouses NOT invited. I can’t believe it. We haven’t even gone to London, and he wants to go there with a bunch of secretaries and salesgirls from work? That explains the distance I’ve felt from him recently. So, I suppose that was the death blow for our relationship. I finally told him to go, but not expect me to be happy and supportive about it.

I think Phil is falling back into old patterns here; people have a very weird attitude towards marriage here. It’s not that they’re negative about it, but it’s seen as more of a convenience, rather like a business arrangement. When you want to have fun, you go out with your mates. Phil’s new best friend, his boss at work, won’t be caught dead with his wife. Phil asked him once if he wanted to get together, both couples go to dinner or whatever, and the guy said sure, but wait until the next time his wife was out of town. Bizarre, and very sad.

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