I /gquit yesterday morning. I don’t know why I do these things, I get angry and react. But done is done.

The problem was raid spots in the guild. Recently, we’ve been going through a summer lull, which has been nice since I always get into raids. But we have four hunters who sign up for pretty much every raid, some less regular ones, and also hunters from the guild that we raid with (we need to allow them a certain number of spots). Recently we got two decent hunter apps on the site, and in guild discussion everyone pretty much said that yeah, they could be ok but our hunter class was oversubscribed.  Then I log on to find that *surprise* we suddenly have new hunters, and I quit.

The problem that we have is that so much of the discussion happens in private channels. This was evidently a decision by our hunter leader, who was going to play less in the future due to changes in his job. (Which still leaves us with too many hunters, but no matter.)  I’ve made the same comment in relation to delays during raids which are unexplained, and I can only assume that tactics are being discussed in officer chat. But we’re not idiots that they have to tow behind them…the guild IS us. There is a hell of a lot of experience in that group, so why not discuss things in a raid channel? It frustrates me.

I’ve applied to my old guild, who are currently sixth on the server in progression, higher than the guild that I just left. That’s actually a bad thing, since what I really love are learning new encounters and being there for first kills. But they’re all very nice, and I adore the GM, so hopefully they’ll forgive my not-quite-T6 gear and take me back.

Some day I need to learn how to control my temper.  :(

2 thoughts on “/gquit”

  1. My goodness, Fox-girl you are worse than me…
    Still, important things happening in closed chats, ventchannels and forums usually stir trouble.
    Good luck with reapplying!

  2. Thanks. :) They’re a really nice group of people, so it would be great. But as with any guild who starts jumping up the WowJutsu ranks, they have a million people applying and are quite full. So we’ll see what happens.

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