Gorgeous Weather

Well, I feel bad for venting in my last post, so I’ll try to post something nice. I can hear my mother in my head saying “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” God, I’d never speak again! lol…

Anyway, after this miserable winter, after the unrelenting grey weather and all the rain, it was absolutely beautiful today. I didn’t bring riding clothes, because I’ve been giving Kip a break. I’ve been too stressed and too angry to work with him – not a good idea with a horse, as they’re so sensitive to your emotions. But today I really wanted to spend time with him and go out for a ride.

You should have seen me mucking a stall in a tight, short black pinstripe skirt, white blouse, and green wellies, though. :)


We have rats in the computer room. Intentionally have rats, I mean – they’re pets. We only buy female rats because the males just aren’t very aesthetic…very over-developed male attributes, if you know what I mean. They’re just not cute. So, anyway, we have a cage of three female rats, and the two young ones are desperately in need of a male. They’re fighting – lots of squeakage, lots of boxing with their feet. Rats will stand up like little people and push or box each other with their front feet. It’s rather cute, but I feel sorry for the poor little buggers. It’s just not natural.

Ok, I’m going now.

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  1. When I had rats, I only had boys, who are cuddlier & less manic. I didn’t mind the “torpedoes.” ;)

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