Gorgeous Ride (both varieties)

Aside from being sidelined with a migraine last night (possibly from being out with horses for almost six hours and not eating), so far this has been a lovely weekend. Much snugglage with P., who even made the supreme sacrifice of logging out of Warcraft and coming downstairs to watch a movie with me last night – I only had to sigh and snivel a teensy bit.

The ferret rescue people met us to take charge of the rescued ferret, thank goodness. They met us in the carpark of a local pub, and while we were standing there talking to them, holding said ferret, someone walked up to ask for directions to the M6 so he could get back down South. Afterwards, I had the giggles thinking that we had just confirmed all of his preconceptions of villages in the North – where the locals stand around in pub carparks holding their ferrets, ready to poach some rabbits for the pot on their way home. lol…”this is a local pub for local people.” *s*

Yesterday we went out on the longest ride I’ve been on yet, through gorgeous tiny lanes, farms and parkland. Sooo beautiful. I took some pics on the new phone, and as soon as I figure out how to get them onto the computer, I’ll post them. We passed a field with a herd of miniature horses – Kip’s main fear. (Go figure – I have no idea why he’s so scared of very small ponies.) There was a foal who was so adorable, but I was unable to take a photo as Kip was on the verge of carting me – standing three feet taller than normal, muscles rock-hard and quivering, all giraffe-like with bulging eyes. Lindy saw that I was having trouble and came back to walk us past the ponies with her horse on the inside, just in case they sprouted fangs and leaped over the fence or whatever.

I have a synthetic saddle on eBay right now, which is presently at double the price that I paid for it. It’s weird how these things go – you feel almost guilty, because it just isn’t worth what they’ve bid it up to, but I posted pics and a fair description, so what can you do? :(

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