Gorgeous Morning

RainbowWhen I woke up this morning, the rain was hammering down on the house and everything was very grey. By the time I had showered, the sun had come out and I could see a rainbow over the rooftops. I’ll choose to take that as a very good omen. ;)

The walk in was wonderful: the sun glittered on wet streets, everything was washed clean by the rain during the night, the shopkeepers were bantering as they opened their shops. The air in the centre of town smelled heavenly, thanks to the guy with the food van who was frying bacon and onions, and the bakeries smelling of bread and sugar.

I feel good today.

4 thoughts on “Gorgeous Morning”

  1. wandringsoul

    Thinking about the skyline, you should scan and post the picture of the fence in the paper we saw…

  2. There is something about rainbows that really inspire – that splash of colour against the dark sky.

  3. Yes – it was sort of my omen for the day. I felt bouncy all day, just because the weather was so gorgeous and sparkly.

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