Goodbye, Anansi

Anansi just died. I’d taken him to the vet this morning, as he was refusing to swallow again, and the vet said that in his opinion we’d reached the point where any further treatment was going to be too invasive for him. There was too much damage to internal organs from refusing to eat, and the stomach and bowel lining had started to die and slough off.

I went to feed him (I have him at work with me) and he roused himself to fight taking any of the food from the syringe. I just went to check on him and put new water in the hot water bottle, and he was gone.

Poor Anansi. Poor Aja.

16 thoughts on “Goodbye, Anansi”

  1. Thank you. I think she will be lonely – she’ll need a lot more time with us to make up for him not being there, since they were very close.

  2. Thanks. We did try so hard, but in the end I was glad that we didn’t have to make the final decision to put him down.

  3. Thanks – I’m worried about her, too. She’s always been with him, always slept curled up around him in the nest – I hope she’ll be ok.

  4. eirenraevall

    *hugs* I’m sorry, it is never easy to lose a pet. I hope his crossing to the Summerlands was easy.

  5. Yes, I think so. He kind of decided for himself that he was done, and just refused the water and food that he had submitted to before. I think we both knew that he was ready to go.

  6. Thanks. We’ll miss him a lot. He was such an independent, irritable little bastard. :) I’ll miss him hopping around the room, bopping his head underneath tables and things.

  7. i miss the little ratzies climbing up my shirt at our place on Hersey in Ashland :). Sorry for your loss. I got attached to your new ones via your posts and pictures too. :(


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