Good Weekend

Phil and I went out for dinner on Saturday night, as a restaurant that he is writing ads for offered us a free meal so he could get a feel for the place. I bought a little black dress, and we both spiffed up. The restaurant was nice: decor was average pub-style, but the food was superb. I had a goat cheese and roasted pepper starter, then breast of duck in a tart cherry sauce with red cabbage and fluffy potatoes. Phil had a huge steak that should have come in a brandy cream sauce, but he had them leave it off. It was gorgeous. It was an hour’s drive, so we left at 6:30, had a very liesurely meal, and got home after 11:00, stuffed to the gills. Yaay for free meals at places that we couldn’t otherwise afford! :)

The doctors no longer think that my sister’s baby will have Down’s Syndrome, although it does have calcification of the heart (whatever that means), which is what made them make the initial diagnosis of Downs. That’s good news, but still very worrying for her.

Kip is going well, at the moment. *knock on wood* He is moving out well, and is showing hints that he has some really extravagant movement hidden away that he is normally just too lazy to display. Interesting.

Other than that, I am back at work. Coding is going well, and we are moving ahead with many of the “version two” enhancements to the site that I was itching to get at.

And it’s raining…but you can’t have everything.

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  1. catwithclaws

    Lovely food is always a blessing :) More so when it’s free!

    It’s good to hear that things with Kip have taken a good turn. He sounds a lot like a mare, actually. Not all mares, but in the way that some mares will have good and bad days, and on the bad days you have to tiptoe around very gently and coerce them into working, since a direct order will get you a f*ck you reply.

  2. Mmmmm… that dinner sounds gorgeous. We may go out for dinner tonight. Tried to last night, but there was a MASSIVE wait for a table, and I didn’t want to wait that long for foodage.

    *fingers crossed for tonight*

  3. Up to 7% of pre-term babies have what are called echogenic cardiac foci on ultrasound. These are believed to be caused by a build-up of calcium in the walls of the heart chambers which then causes the ultrasound to echo more than it should. Most of these babies turn out not have any problems when they’re born. Some studies have suggested that babies who have these foci are more likely to have Down’s syndrome but the evidence is contradictory. So it doesn’t really mean anything usually. I hope that is a vaguely clear explanation!

  4. wandringsoul

    Yes it is – it didn’t mean a lot to M and I when we heard, so even a little insight is good – thanks!

  5. wandringsoul

    At the risk of sounding like a complete chauvanist, what you describe doesn’t necessarily apply only to horses…

    ; )

  6. Thanks – that helps! Naturally, my sister was incredibly upset when they first told her, but I think she’s a bit more calm and hopeful now.

  7. When I think back, everything all along the way has been like this. Bridling, for instance. When I first bought him, I thought that she had mis-handled this and made him very headshy and resistant. Then one day he just decided to stop messing with me and nicely open his mouth for the bit…never had a problem afterwards. One day it took fifteen minutes or so to bridle him, the next he just decided to be good…and went on to be “bad” about something else. Damned horse. ;)

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