Good Weekend

It was a good weekend. Phil made a very nice Valentine’s Day dinner for us, complete with masses of candles in the front room, very romantic. :) We were going (again) to see Lost in Translation, but yet another time were we denied…we fell asleep. :( That doesn’t sound very romantic, but we had spent the day tramping over muddy hills and hauling up bales of shavings into the hayloft (sorry about squashing your hand, Phil). We were just worn out.

Paris next year. I am quite aware, before you remind me, that I said that last year as well.

Kipper was finally turned out in pasture with all of the other horses, which was quite exciting for him (stallions don’t get turned out with other horses). He immediately had the stuffing kicked out of him by the boss mare, who made sure that her point of view was quite clear by chasing him around and kicking him soundly several more times. He found a friend, though, a young gelding who hadn’t previously had a friend of his own, and the two grazed together at the bottom of the totem pole. ;)

It was rather like being a new kid at school, actually. Sometimes they’re welcomed by the popular kids, sometimes there is only one weird kid who wants to be your friend, and sometimes you have to eat your lunches by yourself.

Work is going very well, still very busy. I’ve got meetings about the new system during part of the week next week, and I’ll be interviewing the prospective copywriters. I checked my bank account yesterday morning to make sure that my first check had gone in, and felt like doing cartwheels…so nice to see some semi-serious cash in the bank again. :) It’s been a LONG time.

Life is pretty good right now…and I am very thankful for everything.

New Wellies

Old Stable Buildings

Miles of Pasture

Kip’s New Best Friend

12 thoughts on “Good Weekend”

  1. The pastures are beautiful. It’s nice to see where you’re spending all that time! Yay for Kip having a new friend. :)

    btw, the wellies are loverly! *laughs*

  2. Kip looks very comfortable in his new home. The surrounding countryside looks beautiful. I hope you have more of a chance to get a break from work and enjoy it with him soon. Oh and forget Paris for valentines it is an over-rated city. Go to Barcelona it is warmer and has just as much art/culture beauty.

  3. The stables and pasture remind me of my childhood, very beautiful. You and KIp are lucky.

  4. Someone managed to let everyone out of the pasture today – EXCEPT for Kip! So there are a few real horse things that he has left to learn – thank goodness!

  5. Actually, I want to go to Portugal. For a riding vacation. My big-money vacation would be Egypt or Morocco. :)

  6. The old stone stables are very aesthetically pleasing, but not as well ventilated as American-style barns. There are a lot of horses with respiratory problems here. But they are gorgeous.

  7. considering he likely still has some studly tendancies, not taking part in a ‘great escape’ is probably a good thing!

    Although… poor boy. I can see him all along in pasture, completely confused why no one else is around.

  8. I remember the lack of ventilation, though most of my horses lived in runout sheds with perpetual turnout around a central stable like the one above. Kip and his friend, what a lovely picture.

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