Good Times and Bad

Kit dinged 70 this Saturday


Miz and Kit, Twins Again


And in other news, I took all alts out of the guild except for Ravven, who I’ll leave for the time being.  This weekend wasn’t fun.

There remains a huge rift between the people who are really decent people, helping other guildmembers get attuned, helping stragglers with those last few tough quests, etc., and the “uber” group who are having nothing to do with the rest of the guild aside from gloating in guildchat about the loot that they’re getting.  I spent a lot of time both getting attuned myself, and making the same runs over again for others.  All of yesterday was spent in the Shadowlabs From Hell, wiping over and over and over again.  We could have cleared BWL in the time that it took us to complete.  I had taken Kit, but logged her out for the last boss and brought Ravven in, and after the last boss finally went down I went to retrieve Kit so that she could get her key…only to find that they had already looted and gone.

I was disgusted enough to log and go to the stable for some quality time with Lizzie, then (to be completely honest) I sat in front of the fire and drank.  This may have contributed to the final falling out when I later logged back in.  :(  I came back to the following conversation:

Them: “There were a lot of people attuned this weekend – we really need them to fill in gaps when people in A Team or B Team are late or missing.”


Me: “Excuse me – are you really saying that the people who just got attuned are going to be a support group for the people already in Karazhan?  Until we get enough attuned for a third “loser” group?”

Them: “Do you have a level 70?” (I was on a level 17 Draenei priest, and I was seeing red at this point)

Me: “I have two, thank you very much.  Are you really telling me that all of the time spent supporting and building the guild, all of the wipes on Huhuran and in Naxx, was all for nothing?”

No answer.  Everyone was silent, perhaps waiting to see how that would be answered, perhaps just appalled at what an asshole I was being.  I logged off then in tears, too angry for words.

Fuck it.  Life is too short for this.

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