Good things, bad things

I fucking hate my job. I’ve been up since 4:00 am this morning, having woken and then immediately started to feel my stomach twisting up in knots. I have to update my CV and start looking again. I know that I’m abandoning ship in mid-stream (how’s that for a weird set of metaphors?), but I have to. I don’t want to do this anymore…I feel as though all of the depression, stress and anger are settling into my blood and bones to metasize into something physical.

The good thing is, the “team member” who refuses to do any work and makes everyone’s life a misery has finally been granted the redundancy that she’s been angling for. Yaay. The bad thing is, for some bizarre reason this has necessitated the E-Tailing/Direct Marketing manager also being made redundant (possibly to pay off Pit Bull Woman’s redundancy), and she was a very good team member. Good thing: our J2EE developer started. Bad thing: I am still fighting with the outside developers who are finally being forced to clean up their mess. My boss attributed all of his manymany changes to me, so they are now snotty and hostile to deal with.

Blue Martini sucks ass.

Anyway, enough bitching. Trouble is, there’s not much to write about aside from that. Larkin has been sold, and now I won’t have anything to ride. Kip is doing well, but we’re still looking at a long road ahead until he’s back. And it’s winter already.

I’ll stop now. This is likely to get worse. :( Sorry to everyone who I have not mailed back. Owlslight, yes, I will do the painting – I love the idea. Sorry for not writing you.

11 thoughts on “Good things, bad things”

  1. :: sends a {{hug}} northwards ::

    (Did think about asking where the “abandoning ship in mid-stream” was because it Leeked, but thought better about it ;-)

  2. *sends loads of hugs your way*
    I hope you can find something soon that isn’t as populated with nincompoops.

    At least you did get to do some jumping with Larkin before she was sold. :) And Kip seems to be healing well. So not everything is looking horrible. :)

  3. Darlin’… you take care of you. Focus on that first.
    Get to other stuff when you get to it. We’ll still be here. Heck, Lump isn’t even scheduled to arrive until mid March :).

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a wonderful new job for you.


    P.S. Thank you SOOOOO, SOOOO much about the painting! And I’m so glad you like the idea.

  4. Good Luck with finding a new job, staying anywhere that’s making you ill is a bad idea!

    Take Care!

  5. lol…very clever indeed! I haven’t had a chance to respond until now, but when I read that I laughed out loud in the office. :)

  6. Yes, I just need to do it. Update my CV, and take my time to look around for something that I really like; there are very weird vibes where I work, and although I would be one of the very last people to go, there are a lot of people being made redundant right now.

  7. Dream hugs are good. :) The game looks interesting – it looks like they’ve done a decent job on this.

  8. If you were here, I’d be hitting you up for the mural, and you know it ;).

    Thanks, again.

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