Good Night, Farewell to the Weekend

…almost Monday. *sigh* Still, it was a very good, very lazy weekend. I did a lot of work on the church site (yes, strange but true – Phil’s mom had asked us if we would be interested in doing it), and now I am going to relax a bit, and then drag Phil away from the PS2 so that we can go to bed.

I’ve been reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. Very good book, actually, but it came with an extremely tacky/odd promo. “We at Headline believe that you will like Neil Gaiman’s books just as much as Steven King’s, or your money back.” Tacky marketing ploy, and insulting to Mr. Gaiman. Nothing again SK, I love his books, but really… They’re very different kinds of writers. And I would prefer to have the fruit of two years or so of labour to be appreciated on its own. “Buy the new Steven King, and we’ll throw in two Poppy Z. Brite novels!”

Anyway…I hear bed calling. :)

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