Good Grief…

…it’s been a long time since I last posted. Everything has been manic, as I was trying to clear as much cover work as possible before NaNoWriMo. Too much work coupled with continuing ill health means no blog posts, obviously. I shall have to rectify that.

That said, I’m cautiously looking forward to this year’s NaNo. Last year was a disaster and I came close to meltdown, so fingers crossed that this year will be a more successful outing.


  • Suzy Turner

    Hi Ravv!!
    Sorry to hear you haven’t been well :( I hope you’re feeling better now though. Good luck with Nanowrimo… I’d love to join in this year but I’ve got too much else on! xxx

  • Cecilia Robert

    Aw, gosh! So sorry to hear that, Rav :( *hugs* hope you’re better now. I’m taking part in NaNo as well. Last year didn’t go well for me, and I hope this year goes well. Hope to see you there!!

  • Sunwolfe

    Life…an amazing roller-coaster ride of ups, downs and unexpected turn-arounds. Hey, Raven. It’s been a bit. So much has happened since we touched bases last NaNo. I hope you’re feeling better soon and up to the challenge. I barely made it last year and ran out of juice in the interim; indeed, I think I may need to modify the target goals a bit to make it do-able this year–so much going on. Good luck, dear heart. May your muse bring you joy and inspiration.

    Your servant,

  • Ravven

    Good luck to you as well, and let us both remember that whatever we come up with during the month, it will be a success. Any words are better than none, and everything takes you further down the path. I’ll see you there in a day or so (eeeek!).

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