Good Day

The interview today, for a B2B site, went very well. I was in there for about an hour and a half, and the other interviews had been running about 45 minutes. Really, really nice, down-to-earth guys. I’m still not entirely sure that I want to go into more of a marketing (less technical) role, customer acquisition, etc., but the money is VERY good. Terribly long commute, though.

And then, after I got home, changed, and went to much out, I got another call from another agency, this one for a B2C ecommerce site that I was very familiar with. They’re going to set up an interview, and although I haven’t heard great things about this company’s management style, they are paying well and it is a lot closer.

Things are starting to roll now, which surprises me so close to the holidays. I expected opportunities to be very thin, but it’s not bad. Too bad I have a two-month notice period for the company I work for (which is fairly standard here). Hoopefully they’ll not be assholes and I’ll be able to start a new job with the new year.

While I was talking to the guy tonight, I was standing in Lizzie’s stall. I had to explain where I was in order to explain the background noises, as Lizzie took the opportunity to fart and snort like a collapsing hot air balloon. Impeccable timing…you can’t tell me that horse didn’t know that I was on the phone. lol…

6 thoughts on “Good Day”

  1. catwithclaws

    *laugh* to Lizzie’s timing ;)

    .. but 2 months notice? WOW. that’s… difficult. Here, even the 1-2 weeks notice most places take is a week of tension or slacking :P my employement is at-will. I could literally quit and walk away within the hour. :P or get fired and the same.

    but if 2 months is standard there, will most people who are hiring take that into consideration? that is, they don’t expect you until the new year? or will they give preference to someone who is unemployed and can start immediately?

    still, sounds like good stuff coming your way! yay! away from the insanity :D

  2. cadavre__exquis

    Damn, you’re on a roll! Sounds like you’ll have something great pretty soon. Wish me the same sort of luck.

  3. Sounds as if your job hunting is going well. *laughs* at Lizzie. I was on the phone to the council earlier and the dogs were wrestling and snarling at each other.

  4. Yes, two months sucks, especially since the company only has to give me one month’s notice to let me go. I’m not sure what actually happens if you just say “I’m out of here” – perhaps nothing. Any company that I interview with will understand about my notice period, and the only ones that I’ve found that needed someone to start asap were usually contract jobs.

    On the other hand, you DO get a lot of vacation here – I have something like 33 days per year (counting bank holidays, which I can save to take anytime).

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