Gone Fishin’

I think this blog will go into hiatus for a while…I’ve been too tired and too stressed, and lacking anything positive to say I tend to not post at all.

I’ll probably have to sell Lizzie. I don’t get out enough to ride, and it’s not fair to her, plus it’s costing the proverbial body parts. She’s not a horse that handles vacations well – she turns into a bug-eyed, firebreathing beast. I know that she’s been bad when I find a bridle with a leadrope on her stall door, meaning the girls haven’t been able to handle her safely in just a halter. Poor Lizzie.

The project is late, so late…I think it’s been salvaged at this point, but it was a close thing.

P and I are still doing well, no problems that I’m aware of there. (Babe? Agreement here would be nice.) :P

Not much else to say…which is the whole problem. I’ll be back when I have something more interesting to write about.

6 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’”

  1. catwithclaws

    be well! shall miss your updates – HAVE missed your updates, but hope your life settles down some point. take care

  2. hey P, comment!! :)

    >P and I are still doing well, no problems that I’m aware of there. (Babe?
    >Agreement here would be nice.) :P

    you two should start a new ritual to spark things up a bit.

    * cross-dress and then hit the local pub.
    * role-play a Jack the Ripper scenario.
    * have a blind date at the pub, pretend you don’t know each other, then meet eyes and start chatting.
    * grab some unsuspecting couple on the street and have a “gathering”.

    enjoy! :)

  3. LOL – that was great! Hmmmn…crossdressing in a rural village in Northern England – sounds like a very good way to get our asses kicked. :D

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