4 thoughts on “Goldseller Spam in Aion”

  1. best thing i ever did was leave all but general and my class channel! i go anon every time i log in as well. reduced my spam greatly. As far as reporting I thought you had to do that at a website? maybe im wrong

  2. Maybe you do – it’s confusing to have it available as a ticket, though, if you can’t submit it.

    I keep blocking the goldseller spam on my mains, that’s the only way I can play.

  3. Harmen Verdana

    Right CLicking –> Ignore, was the way i got over that. It turns out that it was just a few chars repeating it, so once they were ‘ignored’ it was fairly quiet.

  4. I do block them (it’s the only way that you can make any sense of chat), but they can still whisper you – that’s just wrong! It just bugs me because it would be so easy for GMs to ban those accounts. It’s an injustice in my little Aion world. :D

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