Interesting article this morning about China outlawing goldfarmers. Unlikely to be enforced, naturally, but interesting all the same. WowInsider had interesting coverage as well, and mentioned the human side of the goldfarmer issue. As much as I hate goldfarmers and botting, and as much as I think they ruin the game (any game), there are real people who sit side-by-side in crowded rooms where they play, sleep and eat, working for goldfarming companies. I do feel for them…but at the same time, the companies they work for should be shut down immediately.

I suppose it’s a bit like feeling sympathetic to girls working in the sex trade, while hating the criminal infrastructure that makes money from putting them on the streets.  :)

And speaking of botting? The level 2 gnome AH bot that so pissed me off is still there, merrily making money off people who think they can pass items to their horde alts. A guildmember lost a motorbike a couple of weeks ago.

So, if China outlaws goldfarming, can Blizzard be forced to do something about bots in order to not fall afoul of Chinese law?  Hmmmn…I feel another cunning plan coming on.  :D

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