Going Home

I’m preparing right now for a week-long trip home to see my family. I’m very much looking forward to seeing them (it’s been a terribly long time), but dreading the flight. After looking at all of the conflicting information on what you can and cannot take on flights, I’m taking only a purse and book as carry-on…no mobile, no iPod (no podcasts!!!), only cheap makeup that I can throw away if I have to. I’m hoping that I won’t have a problem with all of the chocolate and British food that I’m bringing in my suitcase…tonnes of Cadburys and Green & Black, condiments, Christmas puddings, etc. If I can shop tonight I’ll throw a package of Staffordshire oatcakes in there, too – although it won’t be the same with no English bacon.

The project is going well, but we’ve all killed ourselves in doing it. I think I had (am having?) kind of a function nervous breakdown, if you can have such a thing, where I could hold it together for work, but couldn’t handle anything at home, not even answering a phone. I’m just so dead tired, I have a cold sore on my lip, I look about a hundred and ten…things have to change after the holidays. Even though this is a career-making project, the personal cost for all of us has been so high.

And Lizzie, my poor Lizzie…I need to start riding again. She’s turned into a very expensive pet. This gorgeous horse, just standing there…such a waste. But between being exhausted, the terrible weather, the fact that I can’t ride until after 6:00pm on weekends due to the show schedule, and the conflict with raid nights, I end up not riding. I have to make a decision there very soon. But she’s my soulmate, my Queen of All Horses.

Anyway, I wish everyone well, and hopefully I will be back home safely after a week.

6 thoughts on “Going Home”

  1. Is there a chance that we could drive down to see you – maybe take you to dinner while you’re here?

    We really miss you.

  2. cadavre__exquis

    When are you leaving exactly? The no-liquids rule is due to be relaxed sometime next week.

  3. Sorry – this was a tough trip, and I just couldn’t take any time away from the family. I would have loved to get together with you guys, though. Next time? :)

  4. Absolutely. We totally understand. *hugs*

    How was the trip – airline security and all that silliness?

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