Going, goning, gone…

The leaving do on Friday was wonderful. I am going to miss everyone so much. The IT programme manager gave a wonderful speech; I can’t begin to re-create it here, but it was full of Douglas Adams quotes and was extremely clever and touching. Gifts included a mobile phone (thanks, Jo and Nathan for knowing that I was shopping!!!), a bottle of Moet (yeah, the umlaut or whatever it is, is missing – so sue me). Dinner and many drinks after work, which was a lot of fun. I’ll post pics later, as we have to get ready to leave soon.

Yesterday we drove to Grimsby to pick up Phil’s Jaguar XJ6 Sport that he bought on Ebay – thankfully, it appears to be everything they said! (Knock on wood.) I followed him back in the Peugeot, and drove on the motorway for the first time! Actually, that wasn’t bad, but the high, windy roads, in the darkness and the rain were what was horrible. I have night blindness, so if I have any oncoming traffic, everything goes very dazzled and contrasty, and I can’t see more subtle things for a few seconds…like the road markings! I sang the whole way, which helps when you are scared. I started doing that when I was starting a lot of colts…if you are singing, you can’t hold your breath, and the horse tends to relax.

Anyway, Phil now has his Jag. Only fair, since I got a horse. They’ll probably be equally spendy toys. ;)

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  1. Hey what lovely leaving presents, mobile phone and all but wait…. my spidey sense is tingling, its telling me you got somthing else. I have no idea what it could be but it must kick ass.

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