Good day today, actually managed to do everything I needed to at the stable without turning into a human popsicle, the infection in my throat seems to be lifting a bit (although I still feel a bit queasy from having blood-laced gunk draining down my throat all night – sorry, TMI? haha), and Lizzie went quite well today. I’m thinking about getting her to a show in January, if she continues to improve. I have this dream…a small one, yes, but I’d really, really like to try to make it to the finals of the Petplan Area Festivals this coming year. If she stays sound (BIG if), and we work our asses off…I’m going to affiliate her at Novice and go for it.

Last night I made an American little-kid comfort-food dish with the Bisquik that Phil got me: Impossible Cheeseburger Pie. :) I’d forgotten that (duh!) it would require eggs, so it wasn’t quite the same without them, but it was still warm and filling and quite comforting on a winter’s night.

And tonight, FINALLY, we’re going to go see Harry Potter. Woo hoo!

5 thoughts on “Goals”

  1. Oh good news! I mean, about Lizzie :) (not that HP or bisquik creations are bad news!)

    Is Novice there like it is here? walk/trot dressage tests?

  2. good luck with the training! :)

    I was thinking about horses today cuz I went to my parents houses and brought them xmas gifts. Only my dad was there. They have 6 horses now. I got to meet the TWO mini horses, heh. They got a new one. heh, the male looks just like ALF (early 80s american TV series), hehe. so cute. 3 of the horses are over 30. the other 3 are hmm, less than 3 years old I think.

    I, errrr….downloaded the new HP, heh. But it appeared to be very good, and amanda slept thru it and didn’t like the quality (geeks put up with the quality of downloaded stuff), so I will probably see it in the silver screen soon.

  3. No, Novice here is a step up from Prelim. Prelim is walk/trot/canter, simple work with some serpentines, etc. Novice just moves it up a step with lengthening (some work in medium rather than working trot and canter) and also things like give and retake the reins at canter, some counter-canter, reinback, etc. Lizzie was affiliated at this level before I got her.

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