Ghost Wolf


It only took:

  • All morning
  • One VERY expensive metagem (160g)
  • One piece of blue head armor to have a slot that took a metagem
  • Heavy Clefthoof leggings so that I could socket two blue gems without wiping out the +16 attack power gems on my regular legs (the proc requires more blue gems than yellow gems)
  • Drums of Battle
  • A priest to mind control the shaman and spawn the spirit wolves
  • A shammy to pop Heroism (thanks, Miz!)
  • And a macro to target the wolf and trigger Tame Beast.

All of this was necessary because Tame Beast has a twenty-second cast time, and the spirit wolf dies in seven seconds. Timing heroism with getting the gem to proc was a nightmare. We gave up and I hearthed back to Allerian before I realised that I had forgotten to use the Drums of Battle. Several flights and a boat ride later, I had my wolf.

Please don’t point out the obvious downside to all of this that this is a level 30 wolf…I just think of him as a rare vanity pet. :D

And of course, I had to make Ironforge my first stop after taming, just to pose. I never said that I was immune to the lure of epeen. lol…

3 thoughts on “Ghost Wolf”

  1. its to bad your ally…Horde rules all!!! BTW Paperboy On Deathwing my ghost wolf is allready 55

  2. How did you level him? I’m going to keep grinding with mine (melee hunter ftw, lol), but I think it will be a slow process. I don’t want to bring him into any instances, as it wouldn’t be fair to others in the group.

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