Getting Older, Disreputably

This weekend we got together with two old friends, Raz and Kaz (we met through gaming and I have an inability now to call either of them by their real name). Kaz very kindly spent hours bleaching highlights into my hair in order to dye it with deep blue, green and purple highlights, kind of a crow’s wing effect, but we couldn’t get enough of the dye out of it for the colour to take. We’ll have to try again. :)

I also designed a half-sleeve tattoo and today contacted a close(ish) studio about doing it. I’ve spent hours and hours trying to find someone close enough with the right style. So here it is: the steampunk Cheshire cat needs work, but I’m reasonably happy with the rest of it.


As I said to Kaz, I intend to fully try to grow old disgracefully. I don’t want middle-aged hair or clothing. I’ll continue to wear black and big clompy boots. I’ll wear blue hair and black-and-grey tattoos and spend my time gaming. I’m just not a mumsy person.

Do we ever feel old? It’s like the saying about when an old person looks into a mirror, there is a young person looking back at them in horror saying “What the everloving fuck happened!?!” :D

14 thoughts on “Getting Older, Disreputably”

  1. I LOVE this post, Ravv and I LOVE your tattoo!! I’m having my very first tattoo done in December when I’m in the UK – to celebrate my 40th birthday. I’m super excited about! I’m happy to grow old disgracefully too ;)

  2. What are you having done? Can’t wait to see pics!

    I honestly think you’re only as old as you allow yourself to be. I can’t pretend that the lines and the extra pounds don’t exist, but they don’t have to be the sum of everything that I am. There is so much more to us all, and that part should never age.

    1. I know, right? There are rather a lot more lines on my face that a few years ago but, having lost so many family members and friends at a young age, I just feel thankful to be here… so bring it on!
      My tattoo is being designed by a tattooist in Lincoln – I’m having a gothic (ish) doll sitting in the lotus position on top of a book. The picture of the doll I found is so beautiful and her features are so like mine! I’m also going to change my hair a bit in December too… I’m doing that crazy partly shaved look on one side. People think I’m crazy and losing the plot but it’s all fun, eh?! lol

  3. My body feels old every time I get up after sitting on a hard floor too long. :P

    In my head I’m still somewhere between 12 and 36 and likely always will be.

  4. You don’t look a day older than they day I met you, the first time me and Kaz came over. Looking forwarding to seeing the results of your tattoo trip.

    Even if you don’t want to believe what I said above it could be worse, you could look and feel like me, which given I am male is a weird thing to say but you get the gist.

    Your amazing and I know P tells you so, so believe us, that’s at least three people who know you well. Live your years as disreputably as you want we will all support ya.

  5. Awww, thanks Raz. :) Also, when are you and P going to go play golf? Nice weather this weekend (hint, hint). Also, come play some FFXIV with us. *puppy eyes*

  6. Yeah i was think about maybe going to a driving range with him soon. I have zero patients for learning a new game lol or unwound have been there like a shot as the new class sounds cool. I look at it a bit harder and try drag my enthusiasm for it out of the gutter lol.

  7. I think he would love it and it would be good for both of you. :) And if you guys ever want to try the game again just let us know, we’ll level up with you. Kaz should try Summoner/Scholar – so OP right now and level one and you get the second class free without having to level it.

  8. Very timely for me! When I passed 40, I thought I should drag out the rocker and sit on the porch wait for the end… then I thought damn it! I want to have some fun. If I can’t have funky purple or teal hair NOW then when? So I’m going lavender. Who cares what the young kids think? I’m also planning my second tattoo, but I take ages to try and decide on a final design. Your cheshire cat looks awesome :)

  9. Exactly! I admit that I never felt old at forty, but now I’m certainly starting to feel it. I think we can either succumb or use it as a stepping stone to a new phase of individuality. I want to be a badass grandma. :D

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